Room Art Gallery was established in 2008 by Agne Correl. The gallery occupies the space at 86 Throckmorton Avenue in downtown Mill Valley, and features features works by both Bay area artists and major masters, housing the largest collection of Picasso, Chagall and other masters in  the Marin County. Focused on creating an intimate space for artists to execute and express their visions on a intimate level, Room seeks to nurture a platform of creative communcation. Committed to providing a showcase for regional Northern California art, Room actively participates in the Mill Valley Art Walk each month, spotlighting a new  native artist.

Lithuanian born owner, designer, and artist, Agne Correll was trained in both Europe and at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her “Sketchbook” abstract and figurative oil painting collection is on display in San Francisco’s Horatius Gallery.

Owner: Agne Correll

Gallery Director: Tiffany Fung