Thought Patterns: Monotypes and Acrylic Works by Katherine Warinner – March 5th to April 1st, 2013

Unguent, 46" x 60", acrylic on panel

Unguent, 46″ x 60″, acrylic on panel

Room Art Gallery is pleased to present our March Featured Artist, Katherine Warinner. San Anselmo native, Warinner specializes in print making – particularly the creation of monotypes – in addition to utilizing paint on board. Her works focus on finding a fluid medium between the organic and the abstract. The shapes dominating her works stem from organic natural origines that develop compositions that allude to natural processes, both in the external world and the inner world of self. Both monotype and acrylic results spring forth from the sense of color and light in landscape as well as an internal landscape of organic form. In particular, Warinner speaks through a visual language of botanical shapes to find a sense of internal order. Complex, layered, and bright, Warinner’s works strive to reach beyond a literal sense of place to an internal, meditative safe haven.

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